RockTape The RockBlades Mullet

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RockTape The RockBlades Mullet

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Say hello to your new all-in-one adhesion blasting, muscle massaging, miracle tool that will keep you moving pain free on the go. The RockBlades Mullet is the perfect portable muscle relief power-house. Named after the sweet haircut, the Mullet is all business up front and party in the back. Get down to business breaking up muscle adhesions, knots and problem areas, all with one tool. Once you’re done it’s time to party. Use the bottle opener to crack open your favorite beverage. Proven by thousands of medical professionals across the world, you are holding in your hand the power to reduce muscle pain and improve range of motion. Portable The RockBlades Mullet is a convenient portable muscle relief powerhouse. With 4 treatment surfaces and multiple treatment edges, muscle pain doesn’t stand a chance. Effective IASTM has been long proven to be an effective, drug-free treatment for muscle pain and soreness by thousands of medical professionals. You now hold that power in your hand.


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