BuzzRack TwinBuzz 2 by 2 Cargo Car Rack

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BuzzRack TwinBuzz 2 by 2 Cargo Car Rack

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If you don’t need a bike rack with a tilting function to access the trunk, then the TWINBUZZ is the best possible option on the market as it offers a simple combo concept, strong, secure and the best value for your money with multiple configurations. GEAR DETAIL TWINBUZZ is a smart product for people looking for "modular use" according to their needs. "Family" use: it can be transformed into a solution for transporting 4 bicycles. "Minimalist" use: it can be transformed into a solution for transporting 2 bicycles. "Mixed" use: it turns into a solution for transporting 2 bikes and a platform with its waterproof bag. Additional boot volume: it converts into a cargo platform with its waterproof bag. Each modular TWINBUZZ transformation is very easy to do without the use of tools with only clamping wheels. Fitting to the car: When you first place the TWINBUZZ on the tow ball it supports itself you can let go of it and it won’t fall to the ground. You’ll then take the weight again, spin the tightening knob until it’s tight, and lock it. BUZZRACK’s carriers comply with the very exacting standard XPR-18-904-4 and therefore include an anti-sway tensioner; this has an integrated handle and 2 or 3 turns are usually sufficient. Lighting system: The TWINBUZZ comes with a 7 pin lighting system. 7 pin to 13 pin adapter is not included but can be purchased as an option. (3 function 7 pin flat plug for AUS/NZ) Carrying bikes and stuff on TWINBUZZ: The wheel holders will accommodate most wheelbases (not tandem!), even small children’s bikes. Check technical data below The long wheel rubber-padded wheel straps hold tyres up to 3.25" wide; pull on them to tighten, and use the quick release to loosen The TWINBUZZ is entirely suitable for carbon frame bikes; the rubber-padded bike frame cradles rotate 360 degrees and, again using rubber-padded straps, they hold any type of tube firmly but gently. Longer frame straps are available. Bikes up to 20kg may be carried; the down tube size is limited to 75mm diameter (3"); whatever bikes you have, always load the heaviest bikes nearest to the car The 100% waterproof TWINBUZZ bag can be attached to the platform using 2 straps. Max volume of 60l. The TWINBUZZ platform can also be used without its waterproof bag to transport objects securely attached using the 2 straps supplied (it is recommended to use more straps if your load requires it). The platform with its bag can carry up to 20kg Optional: There is a built-in locking cable to secure your bikes; as usual with cable locks, it is theft deterrent only. Whatever configuration, the maximum permitted load is 60kg


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