BuzzRack Eazzy 4 Ball Mount Folding Platform Bike Carrier

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BuzzRack Eazzy 4 Ball Mount Folding Platform Bike Carrier

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Fully foldable EAZZY series offer convenient mounting, user-friendly functions and compact storage. The ratchet cradle is the perfect solution to attach the bike frame. It is also a great solution for carbon frames as it does not apply pressure to the carbon tubes. The BUZZRACK Eazzy 4 is a really well designed, well engineered piece of kit; smart, sophisticated and very good value for money. Easy! The Eazzy 4 is very easy to fold which makes for easy lifting, easy carrying, easy fitting, easy storage in the car boot when you are out for a ride. Folds to store in the car: this is really useful, because damage to tow bar carriers in car parks from other vehicles can be an issue. A tow bar carrier will almost certainly make your car much too long for a standard car parking space. More detail about folding: because the support trays fold into the bike holder uprights (there are straps to hold them closed) the Eazzy 4 is easy to carry around, easy to fit and remove, and easy to store. The metal parts are steel, not aluminium, and it weighs almost 20kg, but because it’s a vertical 2-handed lift it feels much lighter than this, and there should be no strain on your back when moving it and fitting it. Most 4 bike wheel support racks are relatively very awkward and hard work to handle compared to the Eazzy 4.


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