TOMbag Reusable 35L Garbage Bag

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TOMbag Reusable 35L Garbage Bag – Large

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TOMbag is an Australian social enterprise on a mission to rid the world of single-use garbage bags with sustainable and reusable alternatives. Designed from the ground up, we have created the world’s first truly circular solution to waste disposal – a reusable garbage bag that is made out of post-consumer waste and that can be fully upcycled at the end of its life. TOMbag is your cool looking reusable garbage bag to replace single-use plastic bin liners at home, work and at play. TOMbag large reusable bin liners are 60cm x 70cm with a capacity of 35 litres and are designed to fit medium-to-large sized kitchen tidy bins. They can be used for wet and dry waste to line your general waste or recycling bins. Some of our customers use TOMbags for compost, too! The large TOMbag can be used at home or office and for outdoor occasions including camping, hiking, garden or beach clean ups. Just like any other single-use plastic bag, plastic garbage bags are made with fossil fuels and exacerbate climate change. It’s a common myth that garbage must be bagged in a bin liner – but in Australia this is far from the truth! We’ve contacted every Australian local council (yes every one!) and the feedback from most (we’re still waiting for a few) is that loose garbage is completely OK, but many forward thinking councils (The City of Sydney, for example) actually encourage not to use a single-use plastic garbage bag! So, now you know! Quit single-use garbage bags today and go reusable.


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