Skog A Kust 20L DrySak

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Skog A Kust 20L DrySak – Navy Blue

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With its tough waterproof fabric, DrySak protects your gear from virtually anything Mother Nature can dish out. Plus, it offers features that . pioneered; such as a zippered exterior pocket & reflective trim! Splash-Proof Pocket Gives Easy Access to Small Essentials No need to open up your dry bag and rummage around for your chap stick, wallet, cash or keys. Simply stash those must-haves in DrySak’s outer pocket. Never again will you have to expose your other belongings to the elements when you simply need your ID! This pocket will even hold most small cameras or cell phones. Always use additional protection with electronics, and other water sensitive items, before storing in the pocket if there is a chance the bag may before submerged or exposed to prolonged driving water or rain.


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