Shewee Extreme Female Urination Device w/ Case & Xtube

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Shewee Extreme Female Urination Device w/ Case & Xtube – Aqua

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Shewee (if you have not already heard) is the original urinating device that allows women and girls to urinate standing or sitting and without removing clothes. Stand in the privacy of a public toilet cubicle to keep away from the germs or use it when there is no toilet available. The Shewee Extreme includes a Shewee, 15cm Extension pipe and Water-case. Fits neatly into a bag or pocket, is discrete and easily concealed. No one needs to know you have your Shewee on you. The extension pipe is an extra length pipe that fits easily to your Shewee funnel for use if you’re wearing bulky clothing or enjoy extreme winter sports. It’s also great for extra reach when aiming into a Peebol. The case makes for easy storage to keep all the parts neatly together. Tip! Need to travel light? Urine is sterile as it leaves the body so just take your Shewee without the case.


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