Platypus 2.0L Classic Collapsible Bottle Closure Cap

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Platypus 2.0L Classic Collapsible Bottle Closure Cap

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Multiple awardwinning bladders and made in USA. Lightweight at only30 grams and collapsible, the Platypus water bottle is unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Thanks to its flexibility, Platypus flattens to almost nothing when empty, but it stands upright on a stable base when full. It conforms to irregularities, so you can fill it from a mere trickle of a stream, and stuff it into small, tight spaces inside your pack. The Platy bottle is also versatile in that it can be converted into a hydration bladder for a backpack by simply adding Platy accessories such as the drink tube, closure cap and filter link – which can all be purchased separate. Made with durable triple-layer laminate and welded seam construction, Platypus is so strong it withstands freezing and boiling and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Platypus is lined with taste-free polyethylene, so your drinking water never gets that yucky, plastic taste. Perfect for backpacking or travel


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