MAM Sportive Pocket Knife w/ Blade Lock

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MAM Sportive Pocket Knife w/ Blade Lock – 75mm

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The Sportive pocket knife is the perfect companion for your daily cutting needs. Developed with 150 years of experience in the manufacture of knives Sportive pocket knife features a timeless look and quality that is hard to find in today’s world. It is suited for a multitude of tasks from peeling fruit, opening boxes or as a general utility knife for your next camping trip. The Sportive is a light weight knife that sits comfortably in your pocket or attached to your keys thanks to its compact size. The hand sharpened stainless steel blade does not require care after use making it a handy tool you can take anywhere. When in use the blade locks in place thanks to a patented inbuilt liner lock that will keep the blade secure until you are ready to close it. When locked into place the liner lock gives of a crisp clicking sound.


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