LifeStraw Peak Series SOLO Water Filter

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LifeStraw Peak Series SOLO Water Filter – Mountain Blue

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LifeStraw Peak Series Solo Water Filter is an ultra-lightweight (only 1.7oz), compact (just 5.1"), portable water filtration device that removes bacteria, parasites, microplastics, silt, sand, and cloudiness from drinking water. The standard 28mm threading on the filter allows it to be screwed onto most common water bottlesThe one-handed flip cap makes on-the-go filtration super easy and fast: fill up a 1L bottle in just 20 seconds. Great for hiking, backpacking, camping, emergency situations, travel or on-the-go needs. At less than 2 ounces, and 2,000L of clean drinking water, no backpack, pocket, emergency bag, or glove compartment should be without one.


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