Gabel MONT BLANC FL 4.0 Trekking Poles

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Gabel MONT BLANC FL 4.0 Trekking Poles – Sand/Red – 66-142cm

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Trekking pole from the Expert line, intended for users who seek reliability, resistance and durability over time from their pole for frequent use, an eclectic pole, accessible to all. designed for heavy use. Also suitable for winter use: skis, snowshoes, Alpine skis, Back Country. Designed and built to give the best in the most extreme conditions, excellent for mountain experts and alpine guides, essential for excursions with slopes up to 30 and for long excursions of even 7 days. Pole in three sections, 16/14/12 mm in Aluminum F56. which will make the stick more resistant to breakage, and with the Ultralight technology you will also have an ultra light stick weighing only 244g (8.61oz). Thanks to the Fast Lock (F.L.) technology you will be able to vary the length of the stick according to your needs with a very simple gesture. All you have to do is open the lever, adjust the length of the stick and close it. The Ergo Fit handle combines ergonomics, lightness and practicality. Furthermore, with the Top Click System (T.C.S.) you will be able to adjust the strap very easily and also allows you to replace it with a new one. The handrail supplied with this model is the Comfort Automatic, which thanks to the fabric used, will have your hand comfortable and well protected. Indispensable when walking on soft ground, the wheels are easy to assemble and replace, interchangeable and available in shapes suitable for summer or winter use. The Mont Blanc F.L. 4.0. with basket 03/37F TR and the Vario Fit Carbide tip it can be used on any type of terrain and in any condition without risking losing grip with the ground or letting your pole sink into soft ground.


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