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Chafe Stick Anti-Chafe Balm – 150g

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Chafe Stick is a chemical free balm used to prevent skin from becoming red, sore, and irritated whilst doing water and land-based activities. When Chafe Stick is applied it creates an invisible, protective barrier between your skin and clothing, wetsuits, and accessories. It helps stop rubbing, allowing you to be active for longer and pain free. Chafe Stick can be used by everyone. It is not only used by sports people but can be used for day-to-day activities. The stick applicator makes Chafe Stick very easy to use. Apply the non-greasy, fragrance-free balm liberally to all areas of the body that are prone to irritation. It can be used on thighs, groin, neck, under arms, stomach, buttocks, anywhere persistent rubbing may occur. If need be, reapply Chafe Stick during the activity you love to do. Chafe stick has been developed with all natural, plant-based ingredients: Cetyl alcohol, white bees wax, Coconut oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, allantoin, vitamin E, glycerin, chamomile Essential oil


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