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Review: Malachowski Down Sleeping Bag Ultralight 300 II

Posted by Isaac Walker - Run Aways NZ on

Disclaimer! Okay it's been some time since I have managed to pump out a product review due to children (my own being born and growing up) and work and life in general, but after my purchase of the Malachowski lightweight sleeping bag I had to indulge. I also haven't used too many different sleeping bags and was always used to a cheaper, heavier style one - so this was a real eye-opener for me.

I had been on the lookout for a light weight sleeping bag for some time. My 3 main priorities were that it had to pack small, be relatively lightweight and have a decent temperature rating (at least -10 degrees). Heading back to live in my home country in New Zealand I am planning on taking my son back-country camping and also diving into a bit of fast-packing - hence the reason for my priorities. When I received a parcel from Globewalker I actually didn't think there was a sleeping bag in there! 

I purchased the sleeping bag on sale from the Globewalker website for a very reasonable price. I did do as much research as I could on the Malachowski prior to purchasing however I couldn't find a lot. I put this down to the popularity of the product, especially in Australia. Most reviews were from Europe (understandable as I'm pretty sure it's a Polish brand) and most were excellent.

Out of the box (or bag) the Malachowski was very very impressive. The packed sleeping bag is very small and is basically the same size as a Backcountry freeze-dried hiking meal (as seen in the photo) - if not a little smaller. The weight is incredible and I wasn't sure how something this small and light could be rated to -15 degrees at it's extreme. I released the Polish cloud-like fabric and 'fluffed' some air into it. I have never used a good quality down sleeping bag before so I'm not sure how they are supposed to feel, but this felt amazing. The outer fabric did feel quite thin and 'flimsy' although having the 'Rip Stop' shell. I suppose time will tell to how durable it is. It also came with an inside zipped pocket and a larger mesh bag (which I figured was to store the sleeping bag in when not in use).

So my first use was in the Brisbane Ranges with my son in a 2 man ultralight tent. The temperature got down to around 5 degrees and the wind was strong all night long. The sleeping bag performed well. I slept in lightweight shorts, socks and a thin merino long sleeve top. I never felt cold once but also didn't feel like I overheated. If I started to get a little warm I loosened the hood a little and put my arms out. The sleeping bag is a 'mummy' shape and is tapered although you still have room to turn over and move around a little without the feeling of being trapped.

The only negative that I found over my first experience was the zips got caught a number of times. This was more likely due to me 'zipping' a little faster than I should and as a result the outer shell got caught in the zip mechanism. It was however very easy to release the zip once again and there was no sign of damage at all to the outer shell.

Overall - I am very very impressed with the Malachowski ultralight 300 II sleeping bag. Very lightweight, very small when compacted, very high quality (down plucked from Polish gooses!) and very comfortable.

The Facts:

Weight: 480gm incl compression sack

Loft Power: 850 cuin 98/2

Rating: Comfort 5 degrees, Limit 1 degrees, Extreme -15 degrees

Verdict: 9/10.

Recommended For: Lightweight hiking, running in 3 seasons (4 season in most places). 

To view the Malachowski Down Sleeping Bag Ultralight 300 II, click here.

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