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Episode 005: Letting External Incidents Prevent You From Hiking

Posted by John Feeney on

Recently in Melbourne, a hiker's body was recovered from the popular hiking location Werribee Gorge. Without wanting to speculate over the details of how, why and what, something I did notice on social media were people's reactions and how some were debating whether to visit Werribee Gorge ever again, going out hiking/camping as much as they do or if they should be far more careful than they actually are. I'm a huge believer that safety in the outdoors is paramount, but an unfortunate incident shouldn't deter people from enjoying what they love to do.

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Episode 004: Decisions

In this episode, I discuss decision making in the outdoors. Right now in Melbourne we are copping a heavy downfall of rain which has pretty much kept everyone from enjoying a hike or camping trip. However, regardless of where you are located, making the right decision in the outdoors regardless if it keeps you from [...]

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Episode 003: What To Pack For A Day Hike...with Melbourne Girls Outside

In this episode, we got to chat with a few ladies from the newly formed female only outdoor group - Melbourne Girls Outside - about all things day hiking gear. From day packs to food & water, and everything in between, John goes through everything we believe to be necessary when heading into the outdoors [...]

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Episode 002: Interview With Tristan O'Brien of 1900 Footprints

In this episode, we chat with outdoor enthusiast Tristan O'Brien. He is currently walking 1900kms from Adelaide to Tasmania for his campaign - 1900 Footprints where he aims to raise money for the 1900 endangered species in Australia today. We chat about the why and how behind his fundraiser, the challenges he has faced so [...]

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Episode 001: The Pursuit of the Outdoors Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the Pursuit of the Outdoors podcast. Our aim with this is to produce regular episodes where our brand manager, John Feeney, discusses all things hiking, camping and the outdoors in general, but to also interview bloggers, photographers, videographers, and business owners in the outdoor industry. We hope you enjoy episode [...]

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Why You Should Never Use Cotton When Hiking | Globewalker

When you're in the outdoors and really racking up the kilometres during fairly hot or cold conditions, a build up of moisture can create all sort of problems; particularly if you are wearing cotton.Hypothermia, blisters, lack of dry clothes are just some of the problems you will run into if you are wearing cotton on [...]

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What To Pack For A Day Hike | Globewalker

If you are not quite ready for that multi-day hike yet, you'll definitely be keen to start doing some day hikes.But what exactly is needed in your day pack to ensure you have the best time possible? This article will go through what we believe are the necessities for your day hike.FoodLets start off with [...]

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Getting Back On The Trail - The Ben Crewe Story

Queensland outdoor enthusiast Ben Crewe, as you read this, is currently somewhere in the Sierras on the famous John Muir Trail in America.This trek, as Ben describes it, was a long time coming and very much a return to his passion in life after a pretty serious injury while hiking MacKinnon Pass in New Zealand, [...]

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Review: Brubeck Unisex Thermal Glove Liners

The latest addition to the Globewalker online store comes in the form of our Brubeck unisex thermal glove liners.Designed to be worn either by themselves or as a base layer with thicker gloves worn over the top, these gloves give you the ultimate protection from cold conditions in the outdoors.These gloves were recently tested over [...]

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Review: Malachowski Down Sleeping Bag Ultralight 300 II

Disclaimer! Okay it's been some time since I have managed to pump out a product review due to children (my own being born and growing up) and work and life in general, but after my purchase of the Malachowski lightweight sleeping bag I had to indulge. I also haven't used too many different sleeping bags [...]

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