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Brubeck Technology

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Brubeck uses the newest technology in textile industry to deliver products that perform 100% in the most challenging conditions. They are constantly introducing new product ranges such as motorcycle clothing (thermal base layer), specialized fitness wear, extreme merino thermals and merino wool.

Construction Brubeck

Fitness Wear


The Brubeck Aerate outdoor line has been developed using 3D seamless technology to give a perfect ergonomic fit and function. With special ‘proper' mesh zones to aid cooling and ventilation, wicking is increased up to 10 times that of normal base layer technology. No matter how hard you work in the hottest of conditions, you can be assured that all the moisture will be drawn away from your skin quicker than ever, leaving you feeling comfortable and dry. Aerate also has antibacterial and anti-allergic protection.

Thermal Wear

Brubeck thermal wear is made of thick two layer knitwear and is ideal for winter time and transitional seasons. It is made with seamless technology and unique thermo insulating properties.


  • Keeps the optimal body temperature in any weather conditions.
  • Unique two layer construction (the inside layer keeps the skin micro climate perfect whilst releasing the sweat outside. It keeps the skin dry, whilst the outside layer assures better protection and keeps natural body temperature)
  • Exceptional waist ribbing knitwear structure provides comfort during physical activity.
  • High synergic properties allow to reach appropriate level of thermo insulation.
  • Due to the use of polypropylene microfibers, the knitwear is breathable and releases sweat outside.
  • Knitwear structure provides the exact elasticity, shape and support required. 
  • Innovative flat seam construction provides ideal fitting to the body along with protection against body chaffing.
  • Prevents bad smells and is antibacterial.
  • Easy to wash.


   A - Skin.
   B - Thermo Body Guard™ inside layer.
   C - Thermo Body Guard™ outside layer.
   1 - Releasing sweat outside.
   2 - Thermo insulation.
   3 - Keeping natural body temperature.

New Merino Wool

Merino base layer and mid layer garments are made from only the best quality merino sheep wool. It is our warmest clothing line and is designed to keep you warm in extremely low temperatures.

The wool is exceptionally soft, doesn't irritate the skin and also has an efficient odour control system. The structure of the wool fibres provides high level of thermo isolation by capturing warmth inside thread cavities; these cavities make up 90% of the single thread. Any excess warmth is simply transported to the outside of the garments so that you stay warm without overheating.


  • hydrophilic - it can absorb up to 35% of it's own weight in moisture whilst at the same time remaining dry.
  • anti-static - no static charge creation.
  • anti-allergic and bacteriostatic.


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